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Crispy Waffle’s Crispy Waffle

I inherited a waffle maker from a friend a few months ago, but the romantic notion of making waffles on weekend mornings ran into a few obstacles, namely finding a good reliable waffle recipe and the motivation to cook after rolling out of bed. Last week, I found both.

Sheryl, a Filipino American ex-pat in the Netherlands, runs a food blog called Crispy Waffle, and her “Easiest, Crispiest, Yeasted Waffles” recipe is a great example of truth in advertising. Instead of baking soda and baking powder, she uses yeast as a leavener and lets the batter rise overnight in the fridge. I followed her recipe exactly and cooked the waffles for around 5 minutes. Here’s what I got:

Crispy Waffle's Crispy Waffle

These were from the second batch of waffles, which is when I finally figured out exactly how much batter to put in each well. (The answer for my Krups Waffle Maker was two scoops of batter using a two-ounce ladle, or four ounces.) The waffles were very crispy and had a spongy texture that was great for soaking up the syrup. Here’s a cross-section of the waffle:

Cross-Section of Crispy Waffle

The waffles were also very buttery and I would have been happy eating these plain, but a little powdered sugar and some Grade B Organic Vermont Maple syrup from Trader Joe’s definitely didn’t hurt.

My first attempt at waffle making involved a recipe that included beaten egg whites and produced light and airy waffles with a nice sheen, but they weren’t nearly as satisfying as these waffles. I’m definitely going to make these again, and maybe next time I’ll pair them with some fried chicken.

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Thanks for the Trader Joe’s syrup note…I’ve been looking for Grade B syrup for months at stores and haven’t found it anywhere. Now, I know.

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