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Toasted Pan de Sal and Peanut Butter

My parents usually have a good supply pan de sal in the house, so I’ve been getting my fill of my favorite snack, toasted pan de sal and peanut butter.

Pan de Sal and Peanut Butter

Pan de sal is a Filipino bread roll that’s normally eaten at breakfast. Its name literally mean “salt bread” but it’s generally on the sweet side. The Filipino store near my parents gets their pan de sal from Valerio’s Bakery, which is pretty well known both in SoCal and the Bay Area.

I cut the bread in half and then to toast mine to the “medium” setting on the toaster oven so that it gets nice and crusty. This ensures that the outside of the pan de sal will have some crunch when you bite into it, but the rest of the roll should be soft, fluffy, and warm.

You can use any peanut butter you want, but I lean towards creamy because I love the sheen of the peanut butter as it starts to melt when it hits the hot bread.

So how do you like your pan de sal?

4 replies on “Toasted Pan de Sal and Peanut Butter”

i remember this particular village bakery near my parent’s house where the pandesal is tiny relatively but dense and very filling. as with other pandesal it’s always good hot with butter or margarine on top.

there you go, you made me go hungry again every time i read your blog.

I love my pan de sal like this! I do just a thin sheet of PB too. I also like to drizzle a little honey on top. Perfect amount of sweetness. Equally good with pan de leche too :)

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