Chicago reviews

Greek Islands

Greek food might be the one cuisine that Chicago really does better than anyone else in the America. Luckily, Maria’s husband is from Greece, so we were comfortable following him all the way to Greek Islands, which is their favorite Greek restaurant because it’s consistently good.

Generally, my experience with Greek food had been limited to gyros, souvlaki, tzaziki, and spanakopita, so I was very excited to try some new dishes. It also seemed like a good way to purge the memory of the White Castle sliders we ate two hours before. Since we weren’t all that hungry, we ordered a variety of of small plates instead of entrees.

We started with Taramosalata, a blend of cod roe, potatoes, onions and olive oil. It’s described as Greek caviar, but it’s more of a dip that you can eat almost anything with it. I spread it on some bread and loved it because it’s a little salty, and you get the little crunch from the roe. It’s also pink.