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Economy Candy

Economy Candy is cramped, crowded and filled with candy from around the world, and it just might be the most beautiful place on the Lower East Side.

It was a lot of fun squeezing our way through the aisles (or should I say piles) of candy and even better listening to a man have an orgasm as he told his friend about what “a decadent treat” Scharffen Berger’s roasted cacao nibs were. They also have a huge selection of baseball cards from waaay back in the day (the 80s), and I wasn’t sure if they were originals with old stale gum or if they were cheeky reissues with new stale gum. My wife picked up a Baci from Italy and a Duplo from Germany, and I got myself a kitschy Economy Candy T-shirt.

There’s a lot of candy shops and chocolatiers in NY, but they’re very hoity-toity and “grown up” places to shop. If you ever want to recapture that true feeling of being “a kid in a candy store,” make your way down to the Lower East Side and drop by Economy Candy.

Economy Candy
108 Rivington Street
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