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Back in Business

Well, that didn’t take long. I picked up a new circulator last Friday off eBay (the seller was in San Francisco, so he let me save on shipping and pick it up from his house). This one is a Lauda MS and it’s a lot newer and more powerful at circulating water than my old Julabo circulator. It’s also a few inches taller, so I stopped by Kamei Restaurant Supply in San Francisco to pick up an 8-inch deep steam table pan.

Lauda MS Circulator and Bath

The best part is that the Lauda came with a custom mounting plate that helps it fit perfectly in the opening of my hinged half-size lid, so when both half size lids are on the pan, it’s completely covered.

If you’re wondering, those are some pork belly pieces in the water bath. I’ll write more about those later. :-)