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QQ Noodle

People tend to give Fremont a hard time for not having great places to eat, but I don’t think they’re looking hard enough. Maybe it’s the lack of real fine dining or the plethora of national chain restaurants, but there’s a great selection of hole-in-the-wall ethnic food joints in town that more than make up for these “deficiencies.” In fact, ethnic diversity, both in people and food, was one of the reasons we decided to settle in Fremont.

QQ Noodle is one of Fremont’s gems. Noodles are hand-pulled on site by a chef from Beijing and there’s 19 different ways to order them. The dine-in menu is great, too, because it features huge, full-bleed pictures of all the dishes so you know exactly what you’re ordering.

I ordered the #1, the house special sour & spicy pork sauce noodles, and it was great. It’s basically noodles, pork, eggs, tomatoes and onions with a spicy sauce. I didn’t specify a level of spiciness, so I guess I just got the default, and it had a pretty good kick and lingered on my tongue for awhile. The noodles were really chewy and delicious. My wife ordered the #4, tomato & eggs sauce noodles. The noodles were thicker than in my order, and the sweet tomato sauce with eggs was a delicious, irresistible combination. The eggs were soft and light, kind of like what you’d get in egg flower soup. On subsequent visits, we’ve had the #2 San Hao soy bean paste sauce noodles and #10 beef stew noodle soup, and they were both delicious and hearty..

I still want to go up to SF or Oakland and try some of the hand-pulled noodle places up there, but with QQ Noodle in town. I can get my hand-pulled noodle fix just down the road.

QQ Noodle
3625 Thornton Ave.
Fremont, CA 94536 map