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Amy Ruth’s

After four days of eating our way through New York, including a bit too much Junior’s cheesecake the night before, I was extremely apprehensive about meeting some friends at Amy Ruth’s for breakfast because I was afraid that I was going to break my stomach, especially since I knew I was going to end up ordering the chicken and waffles.

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Now, I don’t really understand the comparisons to Roscoe’s because unlike Roscoe’s, where chicken and waffles is the focal point of the menu, the menu at Amy Ruth’s is so diverse that it’s almost impossible to really judge the place based on just eating one dish. Other dishes you should try include the cinammon french toast, smothered pork chops and the mac and cheese. For dessert, the peach cobbler and the red velvet cake are solid options. Also, ask for the Kool Aid of the Day…on this visit, it was Red.

That being said, Amy Ruth’s waffles are a Belgian-style waffle that’s crispy on the outside, creamy on the inside and positively divine. There’s a sweetness to them when you take the first bite, but then it’s followed by a tanginess, possibly from buttermilk, that adds a whole other dimension of flavor to the waffle. The fried chicken is pretty good, too, but I think Roscoe’s chicken or even Home of Chicken and Waffles in Oakland is better. But overall, I have no qualms about recommending Amy Ruth’s to anyone who is curious about this strange, sweet-and-salty orgasm on a plate…even for breakfast!