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Ad Hoc (12/31/07)

In honor of tonight’s biweekly fried chicken night at Ad Hoc, I thought I’d share the amazing New Year’s Eve brunch Ad Hoc offered to close out 2007.

Chicken and Waffles

The menu was centered around one of my favorite foods—fried chicken and waffles—and it’s something I’ve always wanted Ad Hoc to offer as a regular meal. I don’t know if they’ll make it a New Year’s fixture, but I was just glad I had the opportunity to experience this glorious meal. Pictures of the full spread follow the menu, and I’ll let them speak for themselves.

Salad & High Tea Sandwiches
baby mixed greens with sherry vinaigrette
ham and cheese, cucumber mint, lobster salad sandwich


Fried Chicken & Waffles
spinach and poached eggs, hoppin’ john
fingerling potato hash with hobbs bacon


Capriole Dairy’s
Crocodile Tear

cara cara orange marmalade
and candied pecans


Huckleberry & Banana Parfait
with house granola

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7 replies on “Ad Hoc (12/31/07)”

I’m from Jersey City, NJ (read: NYC) and I’ve only been to Roscoe’s once. The whole experience was great, I remember both the chicken and the waffles being perfect. Keller’s version looks absolutely gorgeous.

I would love to try ad hoc next time I’m in Cali. I mean, if you think about it, Keller should build an Ad Hoc sister restaurant here in the city just as he has per se and Bouchon Bakery. If only…

I wish I had known about the meal–the pictures look so amazing, yet they probably still don’t do the meal justice. The fried chicken, the fingerling potato hash, the poached egg salad…I can’t handle it! How much was the meal? It looked like a TON of food.

By the way, Joseph: You DEFINITELY need to make it out to ad hoc. It is out of the way, but totally, completely, 100 percent worth it.

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