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Drew Carey Joins L.A. Bacon Hot Dog War

I first wrote about the Los Angeles Bacon Hot Dog War in February, and now comedian Drew Carey has joined the food fight, featuring the ongoing controversy on The Drew Carey Project on Here’s Drew Carey’s report on the issue, including an interview with Elizabeth Palacios, the figurehead in this struggle.

The main problem for licensed vendors like Palacios is that they lose a lot of money when potential customers seek out the unlicensed vendors, who are more than happy to sell them the coveted bacon hot dogs. For Palacios, it’s walking the fine line between protecting her business and staying out of jail. For customers, it’s all about the bacon.

“They don’t care about if you’re cleaner, if you don’t have a license to handle the food,” Palacios said. “They just want the bacon.”

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wow…I thought I have it bad in oregon,,,, the health depaartment has deemed ICE as food,,, so to sell shave ice younow need all the licenseing as to sell hot dogs/lobster ar pulled pork sandwiches,,,I would eat a couple of bacon dogs a week on the streey…why is the not putting the illeagle non-licensed food vendors out of biz..and just inspecting and not harrasing the liccensed and appatently clean vendors,,,keep street vendors working…. in the video the carts that look like tool push carts on 4 caster wheels appear to not even have a handwash sink/station…everyone loves a good dog!!!ZIGGY

i agree with d. carey & (hard working) Palacios. i don’t care if my dog is not up to code with the health inspectors. just serve me the dam delicious dog wraped in bacon and covered with sizzling onions. the’re perfect when leaving a night club around 2:00am here in l.a.

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