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Contemplating Christmas Dinner

I’m in charge of Christmas dinner again, and I’m still a little torn on what I should make. The adventurous part of me wants to take a rib roast and separate the cap meat (i.e. calotte, deckle) from the actual ribeye…kinda like this:

ribeye-partsFrom left: ribs, eye, cap.
Picture from

Then I can cook the cap meat sous vide to a nice medium rare in attempt to partially recreate this dish:

Calotte de Beouf GrilléeThe French Laundry’s Calotte de Beouf Grillée (12.08.08)

For the center cut, I would oven roast it to medium rare and end up with a sort of deconstructed prime rib cooked two ways.

The other part of me wants to go old school and roast a nice beef tenderloin or standing rib roast. I’ve been successful with rib roasts before but have never tried a tenderloin. But as old school as a tenderloin roast might sound, I’d probably endup cooking that sous vide anyway.

Aside from the main courses, Yorkshire puddings are definitely on the agenda, and I think my wife is going to make her garlic bacon mashed potatoes. I am extremely tempted to make this Macaroni and Gravy recipe by fellow food blogger Lainie as a second entree, and I know my cousin Cristy, who hosted Thanksgiving, has something up her sleeve.

If you’re looking for some Christmas recipes, you might want to give these a try:

I’m not sure if I’ll be posting again before Christmas, but if I don’t, I hope everyone has a happy and safe holiday season!

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I sure envy those going to your Christmas dinner. :^) Just don’t surprise them with a $500 bill at the end. ;^)

I’m considering trying the Momofuku Ko 48hr deep-fried shortrib (

I’m a complete hack, but I was somewhat successful/lucky doing their Bo Ssam for Thanksgiving (had a diner with a poultry allergy to accommodate). That seems like something you’d be into. When I finally got to try Ssam Bar last week it replaced Ad Hoc as my favorite restaurant. It truly lived up to the hype. As did the bakery.

Can’t wait for the planned cookbooks from those two joints come out next year…

@Cannonball: I’m anxious to try the other Momofukus. Went to the Noodle Bar and loved it. How do you prepare the short rib? I assume it’s cooked sous vide for 48hr and then finished in a deep fryer. I may have to try that some time.

Your assumption on the short rib is correct…but I don’t have any more details. I read about it in some eGullet forum. I tried a non-fry test at 63c followed by blow torch sear. Next attempt I think I’ll lower the temp then actually do the deep fry finish.

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