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Chilaquiles con “Lardones” de SPAM

A friend’s Facebook status message this morning that mentioned a chilaquiles craving inspired this crazy dish. I haven’t had chilaquiles since our trip to Chicago, and this version won’t win any awards for authenticity, but the final product was delicious, and that’s all that matters, right?

Chilaquiles con Lardones de SPAMSome cracked-out chilaquiles.

This recipe is pretty cracked out since I had to improvise on the ingredients. I had some old tortillas, but I didn’t have any salsa verde. The only salsa I had was an almost-finished jar of Trader Joe’s Salsa Authentica, but there wasn’t enough. I found an old bottle of La Victoria red taco sauce in the fridge and mixed that into the salsa. I didn’t have any eggs or crema mexicana so I mixed some sour cream with a little water to thin it out and drizzled it on top of the chilaquiles.

I chose SPAM because it was the only meat I had readily available, and I’m always looking for new ways to prepare SPAM anyway. I wasn’t sure how I wanted to cut up the SPAM, but as I thought about, the “lardon” idea came to me. Lardons are generally bacon cut into thick chunks, so I thought I do the same with the SPAM.

SPAM SPAM “lardons”

I cut the tortillas into strips, although next time, I’ll just quarter them. I fried them in batches for about a minute total and then drained them on paper towels.

Corn Tortillas

Then I poured off all but around 2 tablespoons of oil and then fry up the chopped onion and the SPAM lardons. In a separate pan, I poured in the salsa/taco sauce mixture and thinned it out with about a ¼ cup of water (I eyeball this). I cooked this down a bit, and when the SPAM and onions were nice and brown, I added them to the sauce. In retrospect, I would have cooked the SPAM in one pan until they were really like crispy lardons and then browned the onions in the other pan before adding the salsa mixture.

Cooking Down Salsa, Onions and SPAMAlmost ready…

Next, I incorporated the fried tortillas into the salsa mixture, making sure that the tortillas were evenly coated with the sauce. Then I covered the pan and let them cook for a bit, killing the heat when the tortillas started getting soft. I finished it by drizzling the impromptu crema mexicana on top.

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Chilaquiles with Spam? Sounds inventive but I think I’ll pass on this one. Just being honest.

Interesting recipe. We do film production catering in Hawaii, the crew loves Chilaquiles for breakfast and of course being in Hawaii spam would be very popular.

Arnold, just found your site. I am currently embued with Ad Hoc at Home and that is how I found your site – Googling for palladin toast. Love your site and wish I were close enough to go to Ad Hoc but central Florida is a long way from Napa.
If you are looking for new ways with spam, go to and register. Then go to the bottom of a q-talk thread and use the Google search for spam – should find several ideas. I think we may have some other things in common – send me an email addy.

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