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Ad Hoc to offer Sunday Brunch in late March

Ad Hoc BrunchAd Hoc says they’re going to start offering family-style Sunday brunches beginning Mar. 23rd, which also happens to be Easter Sunday. If that means there’s more fried chicken and waffles to look forward to, then I’m a happy guy.

The pictures in the collage are from the New Year’s Eve Brunch that I wrote about a couple days ago. I can’t say whether or not Ad Hoc’s ears were burning, but Sunday brunch at Ad Hoc sounds like a great way to kick off Spring.

I just called and made my reservation. You can do the same at 707.944.2487.

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This is going to be pretty cool. I was there on New Year’s eve and it was well worth it. Oh man it was awesome. Totally suggest it.

I can’t wait. Brunch is always the who’s who of foodies, regulars, Keller disciples and just those who love to enjoy themselves amidst the clash of gastronomy and hospitality. I do not know if it will be fried chicken, in fact I will probably bet against it as ad hoc has added 2 more fried chicken services (every other monday & NOW every other wednesday) but the brunch menus are KILLER!

Also keep your eyes out for Italian Supper Night, Big Texas BBQ and “the whole beast” dinners… The spring lamb is already starting to develop a cult following

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