Ad Hoc chicken fried chicken Northern California reviews Thomas Keller waffles

Ad Hoc – Mother’s Day Brunch

We weren’t with our mothers this year, but I’m sure they would have loved this brunch… :-)


Smoked Trout Salad
Romaine spears, celery hearts, toasted walnuts,
fuji apples, creamy pepper dressing


Fried Chicken-n-Waffles
wilted spinach, slow cooked hen egg,
hobb’s bacon, vermont maple syrup


Strawberries and Cream
strawberries, mascarpone cream, shortbread cookie.


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I read so much about food and look at so many pictures. There are so many restaurants I want to try all over the world, but if you asked me what I would try right now if I had a chance to try anything from anywhere, my choice might be Ad Hoc fried chicken…

thanks for the photos!

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