Ad Hoc Menu Archive

I’m a huge fan of Thomas Keller’s Ad Hoc in Yountville, CA, and got on their email list so I can get the menu sent to me daily. This is a form of torture in many ways because some of the menus sound so incredible that I want to drop everything and start driving to Yountville, even when I know I can’t.

The Ad Hoc PigThe Ad Hoc Pig

The goal of this archive is twofold. First, it can help people remember the details of a particular meal they had at Ad Hoc. Also, it can also help people get an idea of the types of meals Ad Hoc serves and maybe even whet their appetite a little bit.

Here’s some Ad Hoc food porn to give you a better idea.


  • Ad Hoc is open Thursday–Monday
  • Dinner seatings are available between 5pm and 9pm.
  • Sunday brunch seatings are available between 10am and 1pm
  • Ad Hoc dinners consist of four courses: starter, main, cheese, and dessert.
  • Fried Chicken nights are every other Monday. See the calendar below for details.
  • Ad Hoc’s Web site is
  • There is also an official Ad Hoc Facebook page.
  • Get daily menu updates on Twitter (unofficial, posted by me).
  • For reservations, call 707.944.2487 or go to



dinner pig

As of December 2010, I’ve started archiving the Ad Hoc menus menus on Twitter, which is a lot easier for me to maintain. If I ever get around to it, this page may be updated again, but in the meantime, follow @adhocdailymenu to get menus sent to your twitter feed. You can also sign up to receive the menus via email at the Ad Hoc Web site.

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