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Ad Hoc – 8/31/08

You don’t have to go to Slow Food Nation to appreciate some slow food. In fact, one of the best ways to revel in slow food is to head up to Yountville, get some goodies at Bouchon Bakery and have dinner at Ad Hoc. My sister-in-law is in town for the next week, so naturally, we took her to Ad Hoc. In fact, halfway through dinner, we made a reservation for this week’s Sunday brunch. If you still haven’t made your way up to Ad Hoc, Sunday Brunch is a great way to be introduced to the restaurant. But enough about brunch…I’ll post pictures of that next week. :-)

Coincidentally, the first anniversary of the Ad Hoc Menu Archive is on Sep. 1, so this was something else to commemorate (although this wasn’t planned out like our Ad Hoc anniversary.)

Here’s last night’s menu:

Three Bean Salad
rancho gordo heirloom beans, haricots verts, red onions,
tfl garden tomatoes, sherry vinaigrette


Roasted Pork Tenderloin
brentwood sweet corn, wilted spinach, pine nuts,
roasted marble potatoes, eggplant mustard


Capriole Dairy’s
Mont St. Francis

glazed peaches
toasted brioche


Ice Cream Sundaes
california strawberries, crushed pecans,
chocolate and caramel sauces

Check out the corn on the cob. It was definitely the unexpected star of the meal. We even asked for a second helping.

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Whats up Arnold. We took our first visit to Napa and Yountville on Sunday. We did stop by to see Ad Hoc’s menu, but didn’t get a chance to dine there since we had a bigger party. I’m glad to see the pics you took. I wondered how they served their food. It seems Ad Hoc is more suitable for a smaller crowd. I know I will be back! I missed out on Bouchon Bakery too. It gives me another reason to head back out there.

@Lando: Ad Hoc is a great place to include on Spots for Dates. I hope you make it back soon. If you call ahead and make a reservation, they can probably arrange for larger groups.

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