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99 Chicken

I’ve been wanting to eat some Korean Fried Chicken (KFC) for months after reading all about it on Yelp, so we went to 99 Chicken to pick up some food on our way to a party.

We ordered the plain and the Spicy Sauce fried chicken, and both were excellent. I was partial to the spicy chicken because it actually tastes sweet at first and then the spice kicks in makes your mouth happy…and I love it when the heat lingers in your mouth. The plain fried chicken was also great and it wasn’t greasy at all. The batter is much lighter than Southern fried chicken so it doesn’t weigh you down and make you feel totally gluttonous.

To “round out” our order we also got a beef fried rice dish and an omelette that was filled with what we ended up calling ketchup rice. The beef fried rice looked great when we opened the container, but it was inexplicably bland for something that had bulgogi in it. The only thing we could taste was the green peppers. The ketchup rice omelette was pretty good and reminded my friend of what her dad used to make her when she was a kid (she thought it was the only thing he knew how to make). And who doesn’t like ketchup on their eggs and rice?

Keep in mind that the KFC at 99 Chicken is cooked to order and takes about 20 minutes, so this is definitely not fast food. Also, KFC is supposed to be bar food, so they only offer the legs and wings, so an appreciation of the dark meat is a must!

99 Chicken
2781 El Camino Real
Santa Clara, CA 95051

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