sous vide

30, 30, 30 More Hours to Go…

…then we’ll eat some short ribs.
(to the tune of “I Wanna Be Sedated” by The Ramones)

I put some short ribs in a 135F/57.2C water bath at around 5pm last night, and as of December 23 at 10am, they’ve got 30 more hours to go before I pull them out and deep fry them. Water temperature holding pretty steady (between 57.1–57.2C) thanks to the immersion circulator.

Short Ribs in Water BathShort ribs in water bath…

I also separated a 3-bone standing rib roast and will be adding those pieces to the water tomorrow. More on that later. :-)

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…I wanna be sedated. Am I the only one that got the slight Ramones reference? Perhaps no reference was intended but it was the first thing I thought of.

I’m still waiting for my dinner invite in the mail Arnie. Did it just get lost in the mail? Just kidding. Have a great Christmas dinner and best of luck cooking your feast. Merry Christmas!

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